Saturday, September 18, 2021


Ramcharitmanas: An ode to Lord Ram

Pavan K Varma’s selective evocative stanzas from the original work for his latest book describe Him as a God and a man

Leading life mindfully

Mindset management helps people get out of their comfort zone and engage the mind productively to accomplish goals

This Bang-Bang Club woke up to gunfire

A group of photojournalists captured some hard-hitting images of violence in South Africa, which accompanied its transition from Apartheid

‘Traditional’ Lounge in Hyderabad airport for regular rituals

Giriprasad Sarma has the right solution for those travelling and worried you’ll miss your regular rituals

Panacea to the pandemic

From Hyderabad to the White House, a look at the journey of ‘Swachh Namaskar’

Surviving warzone: Chaotic free for all

A review of ‘Call of Duty Warzone’ the free-to-play shooter game

Eager readers enhance reading skills through speech and drama

Unnati Ved founded Eager Readers which has proved beneficial for around 150 children across three centres in Hyderabad

SD Burman: A musician who created a lasting impact

Composer, singer par excellence, Dada redefined the musical scene in Bollywood, struck the right chord with audience and brought conversational style into songs

Healthy food at your doorstep

Food delivery apps are no longer limiting themselves to just high on taste items, but also those that are healthy for the body

Merging music in an engaging way

Association with India’s indie music scene is my first true love, shares US-based musician Shubh Saran

Fit at 60

Anand Korva a lyricist and a professional freelance photographer from the city captured this picture at Borgaon Village in Nizamabad district. He was on a...

Big fat Indian weddings get a millennial upgrade

Here’s how couples are marrying by using e-invites, organic cutlery and a lot more

Sheesh Mahals, the marvels of Rajasthan

The use of mirror work in décor and garments is universally known, but today there are only about a handful of craftsmen in the State who have the knowledge of this technique

A childhood passion made profitable

Vineela Alvala, a post-graduate in MCA, has turned her childhood passion of creating handicraft into a profitable venture

Indu Gopalakrishnan’s inspiring story

To speak against the husband and arguing with him are considered not sanskari but nothing could stop Indu Gopalakrishnan who decided to end her tumultuous marriage after three years

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