Saturday, June 19, 2021


Musk hiring engineers to build brain interfaces at Neuralink

The technology has a module that sits outside the head, behind the ear, and receives information from "threads" embedded in the brain.

An amazing portrait of India

An autobiography, Subrata Banerjee’s low-key book captures, and reflects, India’s story from late 1870s to 2016

Ramcharitmanas: An ode to Lord Ram

Pavan K Varma’s selective evocative stanzas from the original work for his latest book describe Him as a God and a man

Leading life mindfully

Mindset management helps people get out of their comfort zone and engage the mind productively to accomplish goals

This Bang-Bang Club woke up to gunfire

A group of photojournalists captured some hard-hitting images of violence in South Africa, which accompanied its transition from Apartheid

Talk your heart out, no holds barred

Why this Hyderabad-based group, Soul Gatherings, is the human version of the popular book ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’

Hau, hum Hyderabadi hain

New to the city? No worries, just get ready to get bowled over by the sweet-sounding lingo and no, it’s not complicated at all, writes Sowmya Sangam who decodes the language for you

‘Traditional’ Lounge in Hyderabad airport for regular rituals

Giriprasad Sarma has the right solution for those travelling and worried you’ll miss your regular rituals

Panacea to the pandemic

From Hyderabad to the White House, a look at the journey of ‘Swachh Namaskar’

Surviving warzone: Chaotic free for all

A review of ‘Call of Duty Warzone’ the free-to-play shooter game

A fresh, local summer coolant

Palm toddy, locally known as ‘thella kallu’ or ‘thati kallu’ is one of the traditional beverages that people still prefer drinking to quench the summer thirst

Eager readers enhance reading skills through speech and drama

Unnati Ved founded Eager Readers which has proved beneficial for around 150 children across three centres in Hyderabad

Marredpally, nursery of baseball

VS Jagannadham’s passion for baseball made him mentor many a player who went on to take part in national and international tournaments

Following her passion

Shikha Goel accepts the societal responsibility varies from a male to a female but nothing could ever stop her from following her passion.

Surging ahead, successfully!

Sarada Gayathri gets women police personnel talking about what makes them strong and successful, the ups and downs of being in a service-oriented profession, and work-life balance

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