Summer care for pets


The summer has set in and it is finally the time for travel, swimming, adventure, and the list goes on. If you have a four-footed friend tagging along, then, you have many more activities to add up.

With the fun come certain drawbacks. There are certain precautions and care that need to be taken while relishing the amusing activities, not only for yourself, but also your pets.

There are many things that can be hazardous to your pet’s health during summer. The enlisted are the steps to keep your pet safe in the coming months.

Keep parasites at bay

Animals often get affected by heartworms, lyme disease, and hookworms during summer. It can infect your pet through its paws. Ensure that it is protected. Get it some booties. Also, ask your vet for medicines or pet-friendly insect repellents, which combat the infections.

Not all pets can swim

While you enjoy your bath in the pool or the sea, don’t forget the friend you brought along that can’t swim. Not all pets know how to paddle in water, nor is it necessary that they like it. Act as a lifeguard for your pet and train them to get out of the pool so that when they don’t feel like swimming, or if they are drowning, they would know which way to go.

They feel the heat

While you ensure your skin doesn’t get sun burnt, remember your pet too. Consult a vet and get proper grooming care kit for your pet. Also, never leave the pet in a hot car; not even for a few minutes. Take care of his/her hydration the same way as yours. While you take him/her out for a walk, protect your pet’s feet from getting burned. Either walk in the shade, or in the evening. Try to keep the pet off asphalt ground.