Stylish woman’s eye wear


A casual tee and jeans can instantly be converted to a stylish-celeb look by just adding one accessory — the sunglasses. The wayfarers and round ones were the most popular and considered a safe bet.

But thanks to the pop culture and TV, people started being more experimental in accessorising. The trendy and funky shapes and colours of sunglasses that are currently in vogue for the women’s fashion market are as follows:

sunglassesCat eye

All the strong women characters in films have always worn this to portray ‘I mean business’ look. Pastel shades for lenses and animal-printed frames are especially the choice for many Hollywood celebrities. The extremely pointed frames are the current favourite of this season.


Hexagons and pentagons aren’t just shapes from the mathematics textbooks. They have been implemented in real-life in terms of fashion as well. These new shapes of sunglasses are quite popular within the international music industry which loves going all out when it comes to trying innovative styles. Geometric shapes are quirky and fun, ideal for the college goers too.


The metallic line that joins both the lenses on the topmost part of the rim is called the brow bar. The frames can be of any shape. The brow bar can be of the same or different colour from that of the frame.