Student grilled for carrying VHF radio in Hyderabad

K Nagasainath, amateur radio ham

Hyderabad: A 19-year-old amateur radio ham was detained by Hyderabad Metro Rail officials at the Nagole Metro Station for carrying a very high frequency (VHF) radio base station and walkie-talkie.

The Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) student, K Nagasainath, told ‘Telangana Today’ that he was let off only after an hour of interrogation and after his details were recorded in the metro station’s armoury book.

“A senior official, flanked by police officials, sitting in a large cabin, grilled me about the radio station, the walkie talkie, and then told me that amateur radio hams, even licensed ones, are not allowed to use VHF radios. Only police can use them, he told me, whereas the policemen at the station told me that I can carry and use the radio,” he said.

“Any licensed amateur radio ham can use high frequency, very high frequency and ultra-high frequency radios, anywhere — those are government rules applicable across India. He recorded the details in their armoury notebook. He said I was carrying a weapon,” said the student. Moreover, the official refused to divulge any details about his official authority or his name.

“The metro station security, during the routine check, asked me about the radio. I told them what it was and showed them my license. It was in my bag and I wasn’t even using it, even though I have the right to. They asked me to see their higher authority, and I was detained and grilled for no fault of mine,” he said.

The youngster is a member of both the Lamakaan Amateur Radio Club (LARC) and the National Institute of Amateur Radio (NIAR). When asked about lodging an official complaint with HMR or city police, the student said he had not made up his mind yet.

“I have travelled from Kukatpally Metro Station several times and the security always let me carry my radio after checking my license. I do not know why such a fuss was created by Nagole Metro Station authorities,” he said.