Stand-alone ovation to cinematography


Mitesh Mirchandani is the greatest hero of this surgical strike. From the word go when he captures the 7 Sisters to the final moment at the Prime Minister’s special dinner, the camera speaks more than anybody else and anything else in the film.

All virtues notwithstanding it is the cinematography of the film that deserves a stand-alone ovation and hopefully recognition at the right palace The likes of Govind Nihlani, Ashok Mehta, Manmohan Singh, Ishwar Bidri will be proud of this work.

Also special mention and deservedly must go the film’s editor, Shiv Kumar Panicker who ensures that the 130 plus minute thriller remains just that and not a boring or irrelevant moment is patched into the narrative.

There are moments like the last fist fight between Idris (Abrar Zahoor) and Major Shergil- more of him later, and the techie (Akashdeep Arora) caught of guard  at work which may not satisfy the purist but then they add the right degree of drama and importantly save the film of a near documentary feel.

Uri the Surgical Strike even to those who came in late is about how India avenged a strike by the neighbour attack on our forces. It is the tale of army bravado and success.

It has the hate the enemy dose, it has the required jingoistic appeal, claps from the viewers who are smaller in number than at the Simba counters of the multiplex – that much for patriotic spirit!! All this adds and not discredits the film of how a group of armed forces personnel not only avenged an attack on our soil and cleaned up  the blood shed from this side but also kept such indulgent excurssions from the ambitious under check.

Major Shergill (Vicky Kaushal) and his team have just finished an anti terror attack in the North East when in a chanced meet with the Prime Minister– Rajat playing Modi, gets his team a posting in Delhi. He is at headquarters because Ma (Swaroop Sampat) is suffering from Alzheimer’s.

At the political level the clearances fall in place under the stewardship of Ajit Doval (Paresh Rawal Mr.Old Relaible). There are no snide digs, no extra flesh to the officials. All in place stiff where required and human when called upon.  At the headquarters Major Shergill who has lost his brother in law Karan (Mohit Raina) to the guile of the enemy is called upon to lead.

He turns out as successful as  Vicky Kaushal at the box office these days!! The post interval narration is largely how the surgical operation is carried out successfully, the cross fire and how the enemy is caught off guard just as we were a few weeks ago!!While every one in the cast perform in right doses and give the film the right credibility, special mention must be made of Vicky who is obviously going through an important phase in his career.

After doing various kinds of films and the soft army officer (victim) in Raazi he shows he has the right muscle and the brawl to carry a role of  this kind on his shoulders.  Arguably in a film when given to JP Dutta would have been sprinkled with macho men aplenty, the film maker here banks heavily on the talent (if not the draw) of Vicky.

He lives up to the call.  Kudos. Even as we remember the surgical strike praise is due to debutant director Aditya Dhar who gets the right balance.  He eschews the pulpit and the Pak bashing and ensures that when necessary it is minimal.

This adds great credibility to the film and shows what the film is all about. This is a thriller in the political field well chosen, well stated brilliantly captured, honestly executed and thrillingly placed out. Hurrah to Uri!!