Social Science helps people engage with institutions


I Am very proud to be a social teacher and opt for social as my teaching methodology. According to me “Social is the only subject which makes man civilized” as it encourages us to explore things to understand, comprehend, analyse, apply and create. I believe that Social subject has the intensity to make learning more interesting and few people think and accept social as a dry subject but in fact, it is a very interesting subject.

For kids, I would suggest that they can learn a lot in Social subjects. Social Science examines the relationships between individuals and societies rather than studying the physical world. It helps individuals to understand and engage with the key political and social institutions to benefit individuals and society as a whole.

Social Studies has a combination of subjects like civics, geography, sociology, economics, history etc and is a school-based subject whereas Social Sciences taught in higher studies curriculum and is more stream-oriented.

Let’s say, if you are studying economics under Social Sciences you will need to concentrate on the production and distribution part of the social transaction. It is the science of the society that helps to arrive at a conclusion based on facts. Each component of social has a connection with the other core subjects.

For example, geography is linked to science, economics is all about needs, wants demand etc helps you learn mathematical calculations to deal with your finances, history helps you explore and know the origin of all factors and in fact, every subject has its history, civics teaches you about your rights and duties.

Social subject terminology also has a unique role to develop a child’s vocabulary every time they learn new terms. Finally, I would like to share this quote “The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future”.

Social Science helps people engage with institutions
— T Paripurna,   



— T Paripurna,     
DPS, Nacharam




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