Sobha Mokkapati: An artist, Craftsperson & Creator


She is a veena player, a guru to many students across the world, an artist, a sportsperson, amateur photographer and, last but not the least, a TikTok celebrity.

Give her the oldest pumpkin which is of no use, and she transforms it into a creative decorative table piece; give her plain embossed spoons set, she transforms them into a colourful, Nizami style cutlery; just pass by in front of her, she sketches you exactly and makes us confused if she has clicked it or painted it. Such is the talent Sobha Mokkapati has. She is an all-rounder who is enjoying her success after a long break.

Sobha Mokkapati: An artist, Craftsperson & CreatorBorn in Kakinada, Sobha travelled many places and was a very active girl since childhood, “At the age of six, I was admitted into dance classes which I loved, but my parents had a feeling that I can’t dance after becoming a grown-up and it wouldn’t look good. So, they put me into vocal-veena classes and so I completed my diploma in music under the able guidance of Duddu Seetharamaiah from Hyderabad. Later, I completed my Master’s in music from Andhra Mahila Sabha, Hyderabad,” says Sobha who won State-level, university-level music competitions during her school and college days.

She never thought that she would receive so much appreciation for her paintings.

“I had the habit of drawing since childhood, and, later, I joined a fabric painting class which is the only class that spent money and learnt. Others are all self-taught but I made YouTube my guru. Whenever I got a creative thought, I used to browse YouTube to see if something has been uploaded about that particular craft, I would find something and immediately learned many things like that,” says Sobha who gifts her friends decorative items that she has created.

Sobha Mokkapati: An artist, Craftsperson & CreatorAnyone who talks to her would be curious to know how a person can learn so many art forms. In response to that, Sobha says, “If a person has that root of creativity and the passion to learn, then anything is possible.”

Sobha has designed the second half of her life in her own way; she is the architect of her creative world.

“After marriage, I did not do anything, and was just staying home taking care of my kids. But when my kids entered their teens, I found some time and planned to brush my talents that were in the warehouse,” laughs Sobha who also bagged many awards and topped in running competitions during her school days.

“As music is my soulmate, I first brought my veena from my mom’s place, where I kept it during my kids’ childhood, and started practicing again. As old habits die hard, in no time I was able pick up the speed and remembered what I learnt in my childhood and college days,” shares Sobha who started her second innings as a music teacher and has more than 25 students across the world.

“My future plan is to spread my knowledge to the students who approach me and be a good guru to them. I want to enjoy all art forms and want to bring out a book on tourism collaborated with art wherein I get to combine travel and writing by interviewing the artisans,” concludes Sobha.