Smatron’s ‘tband’ helps take care of your overall fitness


Combining health with technology, Smartron, India’s first global technology OEM and Premier IoT brand, announced the launch of their first wearable device, the tband.

With features like ECG (Electrocardiography) and BP (blood pressure) monitoring to measure a unique fatigue and stress factor, the tband is currently available exclusively on Flipkart for Rs 4,999.

In today’s day and age, wellness and health have become a major point of concern. It is not just about staying fit but being healthy where mental, physical and emotional health are in sync.

Therefore, it is important to have an effective health management platform to help keep a constant track of wellness at any given point in time.

Smartron’s tband, combined with the ‘thealth’ app, gives the user an overall Health Index score which is a combination of activity tracking, calorie count, sleeping patterns, stress and fatigue levels as well as blood pressure and heart health.

Apart from ECG and BP monitoring features, tband comes with the ability to continuously measure heart rate as well as resting heart rate. Along with basic fitness parameters such as calorie burn, steps and running distance, with sleep tracking, the tband highlights sleep patterns and efficiency.

It also helps the user throughout his/her day with customisable alerts for waking up, and medicine reminders, DnD option, inactive and SOS alerts, SMS and call notifications.