Smart solution to home automation

Prashanth Rao, Manoj Malineni, Nikhil Mandalika and Abhilash Dasyreddy of Wozart Technologies.

Hyderabad: With Internet of Things (IoT) gaining popularity, home automation is slowly becoming a commonplace. Aiding this is the fact that tech giants like Google, Amazon and Apple are coming up with devices to ease the task of controlling a smart home. However, the expense involved in automating a home is high and addressing this problem is Hyderabad-based IoT firm Wozart Technologies.

Started by Manoj Malineni, Abhilash Dasyreddy, Nikhil Mandalika and Prashanth Rao, alumni of BITS Pilani, this firm aims to provide home automation at an affordable cost.

The reason they started this is interesting, says Nikhil. “When Manoj wanted to get their villa automated, he was quoted a price of almost Rs 30 lakh and was told it would take a month to configure it all. That was when we decided to build a product on our own,” he says, adding, “That was also the time when Apple HomeKit started getting popular and we realised there are no products in India compatible with Apple.”

The team then started building a product that complies with the strict regulations that Apple imposes, to ensure the product is perfect in all ways.

“We realised there were two options, either to give out a mass produced product for a really cheap price or to give a premium product for a reasonable cost and the latter was what we went with. We went to the manufacturers that Apple uses in China and got our components from them and our first prototype was made in Feb 2017. The software behind it has been coded in such a way that it offers a very smooth experience for users. In fact, our users can operate it even from their phone’s lock screens,” explains Nikhil.

According to them, the product works on a plug and play model and can easily be installed behind any switchboard and they guarantee perfect functioning for a minimum of 10 years, with regular automated updates. Their product can be controlled with any smart device (Android, iOS, Alexa) and even by using smart assistants like Siri. It is also cost-effective, as he explains, “For a 2BHK, it would cost about Rs 60,000 or so, with our basic product at Rs 20,000 for one room.”

The team is now working on developing security systems like door lock combined with video doorbell and more.