Slow burn of Skam Italia 2

Skam Italia 2

In a departure from other remakes of the wildly popular Norwegian drama Skam, the Italian creators of Skam Italia chose to set the season 2 around Martino who comes out of the closet at school. Season 2 which began airing recently shows Martino struggling with his conflicted feelings about his sexuality.

He also begins to develop feelings for one of his classmates, Niccolo Fares, who unknown to him is fighting a battle of his own. Like in the original show, he is helped by Eleonara’s brother who helps him come to terms with his feelings and embrace his attraction to Niccolo. The two actors do a great job with their parts and have a good chemistry. The sexual tension is a slow burn which is rare where gay characters on TV are concerned.

Watch it for the great music and the longing looks of Martino as he watches Niccolo make out with his girlfriend which is relatable for anyone who has dealt with unrequited love.