Shrishti Art Gallery depicts a deep understanding of three different worlds

Shrishti Art Gallery

Tucked inside the bylanes of Jubilee Hills, amidst trees, Shrishti Art Gallery is one space that takes visitors to a different world. Keeping in tune with this spirit, the art gallery has organised an exhibition titled ‘Triloka’ which means three worlds. The works of three different artists from three different environments brought together three different worlds under one roof.

The moment you step inside the gallery, what welcomes you is a fine work of oil on canvas by Bhartti Verma. In vibrant colours and lovely finish, this painting of open sky with balloons and a magnificent view definitely attracts that attention of the visitors. It is not just that, what is more peculiar about this work is how the artist chose to present it. The painting is seen through a paper cut in the shape of a heart. This may imply that it is where the artist’s heart lies.

As we take a stroll through the gallery, there are quite a few paintings that showcases Bhartti’s love for buildings and open spaces. She tries to connect both these aspects through her work.

When you keenly observe, she brings out the life of every individual who lives in a city. She takes inspiration from the day-to-day activities and things she has grown up seeing.

While on one side she takes you through a urban life, another artist Komakula Rajashekhar gives the viewers a glimpse of the rural beauty. Mostly done in pen and ink, these paintings give an insight into how people live in villages. One can notice a lot of trees and tiled houses, roosters and bushes in his paintings. There is some fine and intricate detailing that catches the attention of the viewers. There is minimal usage of colour, yet they look beautiful in their own way.

When these two artists take the viewers on a journey of what they have grown up with or what they encounter every day, the third artist Anupama Alias’s works focus on her journey from a girl to a woman. These are paintings done in mixed medium which gives the art lovers an insight into the complexities a woman face in her journey. She uses a female body and shows the struggles and changes using some metaphors.

The viewers would get a balanced view of all the three worlds from the time they step inside the gallery. In case you are interested to take up this journey, do visit the gallery before August 1.