Saturday, June 19, 2021

Shrimp’s heart is in its head

For shrimps, having organs located in the head is much more advantageous and safer than having them located in the tail part. That’s because the cephalic portion (the head) is covered with thick protective substances.

It’s much safer to protect their internal organ. Also, the shrimp’s heart, located in its head, has three pairs of heart entrances. Through these entrances, blood comes to the heart. The arteries extend for many directions.

There is often confusion regarding the difference between a shrimp and a prawn. Physically, they look very similar but there is one sure way to tell them apart. In shrimps, the side plate of the second segment of the abdomen overlaps the segments in front and behind.

But, on the other hand, prawns have all the abdominal side plates overlapping tile-like from the front.

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