Shows with some fancy apartments

fancy apartments

There have been times when we had more than one reason to love our favourite TV shows. And, if one of the reasons is the apartments, you know you are not alone. Let’s take inspiration from these apartments featured in the following TV shows.

New Girl
While the series gives us major friendship goals, the apartment is to die for. This vintage-inspired loft is spacious, has heavy wooden decor, a mini library and paintings that makes it all worthwhile.

Sex and the City
Carrie Bradshaw did not just give us bold fashion goals, but teased us with her luxurious wardrobe. The rustic furniture, minimalist, photographs and coffee table to hangout are a few must have.

Girl in the city
Along with the relatable and unconventional plot, Girl in the City web series gave us a lot of budget-friendly ways to style our apartments. Sting lights with photographs clipped, dim lighting and minimal decoration are a few tips that are noteworthy.

Instead of just the Central Perk-themed cafe in the city, someone out there should also come up with a Friends-themed apartment. From Phoebe’s apartment to Monica and Chandler, Ross and Rachel, and Joey — everyone of them had uber cool fancy apartments. From iconic sofas to beautiful purple walls, windows and antiques, they had it all.