Shaun Pollock mighty impressed with Indian pacers

Shaun Pollock

Hyderabad: Former South African bowling great Shaun Pollack said he was delighted to see India’s bowling reserves as it once struggled to produce more than two quality fast bowlers bowlers at a time.

“Yeah, you guys are really in a strong position now. The depth in bowling, the different variations, you have got some tall guys, shorter guys, quick, skillful, shaping the ball and you can decide in between them and you can have a real good balance,” Pollock said.

The former great recalled that there was a period when India didn’t have any third bowling option in pace department and it was only Javgal Srinath and Venkatesh Prasad who were doing bulk of the pace bowling. “If you decide to go with three or even four seamers, you now have got guys who can step in. In the years gone by, you might have had a Srinath or a Venkatesh Prasad, but then the replacement bowler…third bowler or backup bowler… was not of the same quality and that’s where I thought they were letting themselves down,” added Pollock.

“We had a chat with Bumrah, the other day, and he was saying eve

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ryone is competing, ready to go, you really have to keep performing and if you don’t have a good few games, then someone can step in and take your place. So, that’s a good situation for India.”