Settle row early, AP tells Bajaj panel

File Photo: Krishna Water Pipelines

Amaravati: Andhra Pradesh officials on Tuesday explained the Bajaj Committee that being a lower riparian State, it had been facing enormous problems in getting timely water and requested the panel to settle the disputes over sharing of Krishna waters as early as possible.

The committee headed by A K Bajaj, former Chairman of the Central Water Commission, and members including Gopala Krishnan, R P Pandey, Pradeep Kumar Shukla and N N Rai, met the AP authorities here today after their meeting with Telangana authorities on Monday in Hyderabad.

The committee was constituted by the Union Water Resources Ministry to assist the Krishna River Management Board (KRMB) in preparing a working manual, operational protocol for sharing Krishna waterd between the two States post-bifurcation of united AP.

Andhra Pradesh during the meeting raised the concerns including defiance of KRMB release orders by Telangana. It said AP was not getting its allocated water in time and in specified quantity, there by losing valuable crop and yield. In the absence of jurisdiction, the KRMB was unable to exercise its authority over water management in the two States, particularly in the common reservoirs of Srisailam and Nagarjunasagar. Since the operation of Nagarjunasagar was with Telangana, the release orders issued by KRMB were not implemented in time, AP alleged.

Minor irrigation
Utilisations under minor irrigation for both kharif and rabi were estimated based on the district-wise agreed duties (as per MRDK-VIII), AP officials informed the committee. Utilisations under minor irrigation had to be met from the yield of self catchment, they observed.

Telangana was under reporting minor utilisations under the guise of unutilised water from the common reservoirs of main stream, which was not correct, AP said. “Similarly, all the medium projects are operated independently and there is no common medium project among successor States,” the officials told the Bajaj panel stated. The AP officials stated that the new projects taken up by Telangana would adversely affect downstream Projects.

AP said according to Sec 87 of the AP Reorganisation Act, the Centre had to notify the jurisdiction of KRMB. Pending such notification, the head regulators and off takes of the common reservoirs of Srisailam and Nagarjunasagar projects falling in the territories of AP and Telangana have to be operated and maintained by the respective States. The allocation of river water was a matter of water dispute that comes under purview of Water Disputes Tribunal constituted as per ISWRD act.

The committee was requested to keep the diversions of Telangana, which was an upper riparian State in mind, while considering the issue of Principles of Sharing of Water diverted from Godavari to Krishna as per Clause XIV(b) of KWDT-I Award.

The committee was also requested to keep the above submissions in view, while preparing the manual on Operating Rules/ Procedures in respect of common projects located on River Krishna


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