Serilingampally tops voters’ list

voters' list

Hyderabad: With a whopping 5.49 lakh voters, Serilingampally Assembly constituency has the highest number of voters in the State after completion of the process of voters’ enrolment.

Interestingly, the constituency saw a dip in the voters’ list by 41,486 when compared to the 2014 voters’ list. Medchal Assembly constituency is in second position with 4,85,202 voters.

Bhadrachalam Assembly constituency ended up last with lowest number of 1,33,756 electors, a decrease in voters by around 83,000 following removal of three mandals which were merged with Andhra Pradesh. Serlingampally constituency is also bestowed with another credit – for having highest number of male (2.93 lakh) and female (2.55 lakh) voters in any Assembly constituency in the State.

As per the enrolled voters’ list of second Special Summary Revision-2018, women voters will play a vital role in deciding the fate of candidates in at least 45 constituencies where they dominate the numbers.

Of the total 119 Assembly segments, around 68 constituencies have more than two lakh voters’ population. At least six constituencies have more than four lakh electors and another five constituencies have more than three lakh registered votes. Similarly, another 39 constituencies have voters’ population ranging beween one lakh and two lakh voters.