Self-charging batteries could soon be true

Self-charging batteries

Hyderabad: How about a smartphone that won’t require charging at all, one that promises uninterrupted device usage, higher computational power and yes, the possibility of an entirely new generation of smartphones. Sounds too much sci-fi to be true?

Well, that’s not what the US-based NDB Inc says. The firm, committed to the development and manufacturing of the Nano Diamond Battery (NDB), says it will provide a clean and green energy solution for the future, also asserting that a Nano Diamond Battery will have universal applicability for countless opportunities.

Miniature power generator

Right from in consumer electronics, be it a smartphone or a laptop, NBD can make it contain a miniature power generator, thus negating the need for constant charging, all whilst delivering a cost-effective solution to countering declining sales for manufacturers. Benefits include power outlet independent devices, increased device computation power and even the opportunity for the rise of personal quantum computing, the firm says.

In the automotive sector, NDB can be used to further the electric vehicle revolution, by addressing the primary bottleneck in EV vehicles, the battery.

In the Aerospace sector too, recent advances in space technology and the rise of the first manned electric aircrafts have led to increasing demand on their battery systems. NDB can be utilised to power drones, electric aircrafts, space rovers and stations whilst allowing for longer activity, the company says, adding that in medical technology as well, in such medical devices and implantable such as hearing aids and pacemakers can benefit from long battery life in a smaller package.

Defense related electronics and surveillance systems too can benefit from NDB’s universal applicability and sustained power output, it says.

Proofs of Concept tests

For the uninitiated, NDB, Inc., which calls itself the creator of the first and only universal, self-charging, proprietary nano diamond battery (NDB) that provides up to thousands of years of charge, earlier this week announced completion of two successful Proofs of Concept tests of the NDB battery at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge University.

NDB’s battery achieved a breakthrough 40% charge, a significant improvement over commercial diamonds, which have only 15% charge collection efficiency. NDB also announced its first two beta customers, including a leader in nuclear fuel cycle products and services and a leading global aerospace, defense and security manufacturing company. Development of the first NDB commercial prototype battery is currently underway and will be available later this year, reports on the announcement said.

NDB’s proprietary, universal, self-charging battery provides a charge for the entire lifetime of a device or machine, with up to 28,000 years of battery life, a statement from the firm claimed. Poised to completely transform the concept of energy, NDB can power devices and machines of any size, from aircraft and rockets to electric vehicles, hearing aids, smartphones, sensors and more, all with no carbon emissions, with the firm bringing together leaders in nanotechnology, nuclear science and diamond fields to crack the code in developing this groundbreaking, life-changing solution, CEO and co-founder of NDB, Nima Golsharifi, said.

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