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Scenic spots with stunning sights

Telangana is not just famous for heritage monuments, historic temples and unique climatic conditions, the State has diverse wildlife, where nature lovers can go away from bustling city life and discover serene sanctuaries teeming with flora and fauna.

There are several prominent wildlife sanctuaries in the State such as Nagarjuna Sagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve, Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary, Kawal Wild Sanctuary. However, there are attractive animal kingdoms like Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary which are not so popular.

Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary located in Warangal district is more interesting as this region is surrounded by a mesmerising range of low hills while Pakhal Lake adds more beauty to it. The environment of the sanctuary and the Pakhal Lake forms the most stunning sight ever. The chirping of birds coupled with fresh breeze makes it a go-to place for picnics and nature lovers.

Fauna found here include mammals such as nilgai, chital, leopard, jackal, wild boar, sloth bear, langoor, porcupine, bonnet macaque, and reptiles like the python, common krait, cobra, russell’s viper, monitor lizard, Indian chameleon, marsh crocodiles, mountain gazelle while the flora consists of mixed forests, bamboo and teak forests.

The wildlife park’s natural scenic beauty and its breath-taking landscape captivate and charm the visitors. A visit to this promising spot would never disappoint you. The months of November to June are the best time to visit this place.

Coming to Pakhal Lake, it is a man-made lake in the Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary. Situated amidst undulating forest land hills, this lake is a popular retreat for the tourists. The lake, constructed sometime around 1213 AD, by Kakatiya ruler Ganapathi Deva provides a beautiful site.

Sprawling in an area of 30 sq km, Pakhal Lake has been constructed for agriculture purpose. This is one of the most popular picnic spots in Warangal as it gives visitors a calm and peaceful trip. If you want soothing experience, then you must not miss visiting this stunning lake on moonlit nights.

You can also take a ride on boat here as authorities here provide speed boats which can accommodate 4 people for a cost of Rs 300 while there are some medium size boats that can take around 10-15 tourists on a ride at a time.

How to reach

Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary located nearly 54 km away is accessible by road from Warangal city. There are many hotels offering quality food in the city of Warangal. Haritha Kakatiya Hotel in Warangal offers delicious fare for tourists.

According to Telangana Tourism, visitors can book accommodation at PWD Rest House, Sulurpet. Haritha Kakatiya Hotel in Warangal handles the tourist flow to the city and it is well-maintained while the hygiene is given top priority.

Nearby places

Mini zoo: This zoo, located in Hanamkonda city, serves as both educational and entertainment centre. The zoo park also houses an enchanting butterfly park. It is a famous weekend spot in the city given its thriving green zone. The zoo, spread in area of 50 acres, contains a variety of species of birds, animals and reptiles. A few of those include deer, black bear, peacocks, tortoise, rabbits, and crocodiles. Zoo also has a butterfly park.

Bhadrakali Temple: While returning from Pakhal trip, visitors can go to Bhadrakali Temple, which is located in heart of the Warangal city. It is one of the oldest temples in the State which is dedicated to worship the mother of goddesses, Kali Matha or Bhadrakali Ammavaru.

Surrounded by the lush greenery amidst the hilly region, the Bhadrakali Temple opens picturesque setting on the banks of the Bhadrakali Lake and the serene environs help the mind to relax.

The style of the great Chalukya Dynasty can be seen in every bit of the temple, right from its architecture to the main deity, which displays the Ekanda Shila or single stone sculpture and makes as the trademark style attributed to the Chalukyas.

You can also observe the strong resemblance to the Kakatiya style of architecture in the temple, particularly the entrance gateways which are made of stone. One of the inner pillars of the temple has a Sanskrit inscription on it called ‘Antralaya stambam’.

What do visitors say?

This scenic and serene spot with captivating surroundings is a beautiful place to visit with friends especially those looking for photo shoots. Tourists can spend some peaceful time on their visit.

  • Vennela Reddy
  • Warangal

Pakhal Lake is one of the best lakes that I have seen in the State. You can go for boating and have soothing experience in the lake. However, one has to beware of crocodiles and need to avoid entering the water.

  • Mahesh Kumar
  • Hyderabad

It is probably the best place to visit in Warangal to enjoy the nature as it offers wildlife sanctuary and a beautiful lake at one go. A visit to this place provides much-needed relief from busy life.

  • Krupa Rani
  • Karimnagar

Know your distance


Hyderabad                    203 km

Medak                           221 km

Adilabad                       320 km

Nizamabad                    280 km

Khammam                    110 km

Karimnagar                   140 km

Nalgonda                      190 km

Mahabubnagar              310 km

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