SC gives ruling but confusion still prevails in HCA


Hyderabad: On a day when the Supreme Court approved the BCCI constitution, stalemate continued to rule the crisis-ridden Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA).

Even as secretary T Shesh Narayan announced the team for the Buchi Babu tournament in Chennai, the in-charge president Anil Kumar group, through the CEO Pandu Ranga Murthy, sent a mail which talks about the proposed constitution of BCCI which clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of general body and Apex Council.

As per Clause 15(1) in regard to the Apex council and its framework of governance shall: “ The affairs of BCCI shall be governed by the Apex Council and its frame work of governance shall: (i) Enable strategic guidance of the entity; (ii) Ensure efficient monitoring of management (iii) Ensure the performance of the respective roles, responsibilities and powers of the CEO, managers, cricket committees and standing committees except the governing council and (iv) Ensure a distribution and balance of authority so that no single individual has unfettered powers.”

Murthy has asked all the stake holders such as members of the association, players, coaches, umpires, scorers, etc., to note that the Apex Council shall govern the affairs of the association directed by the Supreme Court and no single individual had the unfettered powers.
He further said for all the BCCI/HCA matches, tournaments, leagues etc., the teams/players named and sponsored by their Apex Council, HCA alone and only be recognised.

All the directions if any given illegally by `suspended secretary’ is invalid therefore need not be complied.

Anil Kumar said they have the majority in the Apex Council and it is mandatory for the people concerned to heed to their instructions.

However, Shesh Narayan said as secretary, he has the power to announce the team and the conduct of tournaments. “I have the majority in the Apex Council. This includes the two recently nominated players (RA Swaroop and Vidya Yadav) from their respective panels.’’
He even said he was ready would foot the bill for the Hyderabad team which will take part in the Chennai tournament, that starts from next week.

Sadly, as the two groups continue their power struggle, the cricket aficionados are hoping that a solution could finally come after the SC judgement. “We expect the BCCI to swing into some sort of action to end the stalemate which is turning uglier by the day. At least an administrator can be named till a new body is elected as per the new constitution.’’

It may be noted that since Lodha Committee recommendations were adapted by the Special General meeting in July this year, one expects new election date to be announced with a former State Election Commissioner chief conducting the elections. Till then, confusion and controversies will continue to haunt the association.