Root-to-tip care for great hair


Frizzy and oily hair is a common problem for everyone between the washes and to get rid of it, many opt regular hair wash, which isn’t a safe option. Instead of going for regular washes for silky smooth hair, adopt some easy methods for great hair by spending some extra cash.

Pick a better shampoo

Ditch those regular shampoos that make your hair look dull and oily the very next day of shampooing and go for some expert advice. You definitely love the way your hair looks and feels after the haircut for several days and the reason is the products that salon experts use. They recommend some products to customers every time they visit a parlour but people ignore thinking it is a way to mint money. But these products do really help. Though a little expensive than the regular ones, they are worth the money for taking better care of your hair.

Root-to-tip care for great hair

Deep condition it

One mistake people often commit is using regular conditioners. Owing to our present lifestyle where pollution has become an inevitable part of life, deep conditioning is the only option to protect your hair for longer duration. Even the reverse process of shampoo and conditioning will help to keep hair oil-free.

Use dry shampoo

The best way to avoid regular shampoo and conditioning is opting for a dry shampoo. This process will give the same result as a normal shampoo and it also saves your time and effort every single day. Keeping this handy is a quick solution for your hair when some event pops up and you have no time.