Riding the high wave

Telangana Formation Day

Scepticism. Perhaps the one word that best described the mood not just among the naysayers but also the general public on June 2, 2014 — the day Telangana State was born. There were celebrations all over the State but a lingering thought in one’s mind as to what the future will hold for everyone was there as well. Fast forward to June 2, 2017, and one realises that the State, which had taken the baby steps three years ago, had raced ahead at phenomenal speed, piling up achievements and accolades along the way. Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao, who had earned the reputation of being a forceful orator, had arrived as an efficient administrator, a man with a vision and a hunger for speedy development. People got the first whiff of the capabilities of the TRS government in the summer of 2015 when for the first time in decades, they were not sweating and fretting in the sweltering sun. Power cuts had become a thing of the past. The government identified priority areas – power, water, industry, welfare, agriculture, education – and began launching schemes at a scorching pace. Mission Kakatiya, Mission Bhagiratha, Haritha Haram, a redesigned irrigation package that promises to water one lakh acres and welfare schemes covering every section of society, including sheep-rearers, fisherfolk and barbers, took shape and were being implemented with missionary zeal. On the industrial front, the TS-iPass facilitating quick disposal of proposals turned out to be a revolutionary move. Administrative reforms were set in motion and 21 new districts were carved out of the existing 10 to ensure easy accessibility of governance to the people. A seemingly difficult accord on sharing of the Godavari river water was signed with Maharashtra. Budgetary allocations for various sectors shot up. As the Chief Minister is known to quote often, there was no dearth of funds for the right projects and schemes that benefit the people. Suddenly, ‘Bangaru Telangana,’ the ultimate goal of turning the State into a land of prosperity, seems within reach. People who scoffed at the concept have been forced to eat their words, largely due to the sincerity and commitment of the government.

The opposition has been crying hoarse about the ‘rampant’ corruption in the system, but KCR, in his inimitable style, demonstrated his antipathy to the menace when he carried out the overhauling of the Stamps and Registrations department. Scores of officials manning the registrars’ offices across the State were shuffled as never before. The signal was loud and clear – indulge in corrupt practices and face the music. In the end, what matters is delivering, and for that constant monitoring of implementation is the mantra.