Revanth Reddy, brother encroached lands illegally: Enquiry report

Revanth Reddy
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Hyderabad: More skeletons are tumbling out of the closet of Malkajgiri MP A Revanth Reddy and his brother A Kondal Reddy in connection with the land grabbing case at Gopanapally getting murkier after Rajendranagar revenue divisional officer Chandrakala submitted her report to the Rangareddy district collector. The enquiry officer also found several discrepancies in land records of survey no 127 at Gopanapally and found fault with a few officials including the then Serlingampally Tahsildar for ignoring the interim injunction orders issued by various courts and passing mutation orders in favour of Revanth Reddy and his family members. The enquiry officer recommended stringent action against all the offenders.

In a detailed 20-page report, Chandrakala explained that land measuring 10 acres and 21 guntas was originally owned by one Vadde Hanuma in survey no 127 since 1954-55 as per the Pahani records. Later, the land was enjoyed by the Vadde family who later sold only 5 acres to three others – T Leela, Venkatramaiah and Suryanarayana during 1975-77. The sale deeds were found to be genuine, but the plot thickens thereafter. One Mallaiah without any surname entered the scene and was mentioned as the land owner in the sale deeds executed from 1985 to 1991. Then arrives ‘Dabba’ Mallaiah and his family members who executed multiple sale deeds.

“The sale deeds executed in the name of Dabba Mallaiah and his family members do not appear to be genuine and the vendors who executed the sale deeds as members of Dabba family appear to be ‘impersonators’,” the enquiry report said. Another family of ‘impersonators’ – the Eragandla family, are also learnt to have executed multiple sale deeds against the same land. Here again, the enquiry officer found the sale deeds executed by the Erangandla family not to be genuine.

Revanth Reddy is said to have purchased 31.5 guntas while his brother Kondal Reddy purchased 1 acre and 21 guntas of land in survey No.127 directly from Eragandla Laxmaiah. Interestingly, no person from the Eragandla family was ever recorded as pattedar of land in Survey no.127. “It is not known how Eragandla Laxmaiah got title of the land in survey no.127 so that A Revanth Reddy and A Kondal Reddy purchased the land from him,” the RDO stated in her report.

Further, Kondal Reddy is said to have purchased about 4 acres and 26 guntas land in Survey no.127 from different persons, who in turn, are said to have obtained registered sale deeds from the Dabba family. These sale deeds were obtained by sub-division numbers as 127/A whereas there is niether Podi of Survey no. 127, in the Survey and Settlement records nor supplementary sethwar was issued in respect of such sub-division number.

“All the sale deeds executed other than the family members of Vadde and their successors-in-interest, on the face of it, appears to be brought-up documents by impersonation. This was obviously done taking advantage of there was no one to claim residue land in Survey no.127 in an extent of 5 acres and 21 guntas by any of the family members of Vadde Mallaiah,” the report said. The enquiry officer stated that T Leela, Venkatramaiah, Suryanarayana, Mada Sundareshu and Sriram Jaisimha were genuine purchasers from original owners of the Vadde family covering an area of 5 acres only. Further, she suggested that as the remaining 5 acres and 21 guntas land was unclaimed property, it shall be treated as escheat/bonavacantia and the State government should reclaim the property.

The RDO also observed in her report that the revenue records from the Fasli year 1979-1980 were manipulated by deleting the ‘Vadde’ surname from Mallaiah between 1979-1980 till 1990-1991 and adding surname ‘Dabba’ to Mallaiah from the year 1993-1994 onwards showing Dabba Mallaiah as one of the pattedars.

Further on verification of legal issues with regards to the said land in Survey no. 127 of Gopanpally Village, it was found that at least five cases were pending against the land in different courts. The Rangareddy district court granted interim injunction orders in at least two cases filed against A Revanth Reddy and others. Surprisingly, the then Tahsildar of Serilingampally mandal ignored these interim injunction orders and passed mutation orders which was found to be objectionable.

During the field verification, the enquiry officer found that a compound wall was built around the controversial land along with gates. After conducting survey of the entire land within the compound wall, the total extent of area was found to be over 12 acres which was an excess of the extent of Survey No.127 which admeasures 10 acres and 21 guntas. Further examination revealed that the excess land was falling partly in government land in Survey no.34 to an extent of one acre and 11 guntas, while the remaining extent of about 9 guntas land falling in village track road running through Survey no.127 for Gopanapally village.

The irregularities does not seem to end here. Part of Survey no.127, which is 32 guntas to be exact, was affected by Full Tank Level area and another 22 guntas was in the buffer zone area of Komatikunta Cheruvu, which is situated at on the southern side of Survey no.127. The compound wall was also obstructing water source to Komatikunta Cheruvu, which is against the WALTA Act, 2002 and against the Section 24 of the AP (TA) Land Revenue Act, 1317Fasli. Further, Revanth Reddy and his brother are said to have encroached about 10 guntas land in the adjoining Survey no.128 and 160, located on north-west side of Survey no.127. Besides occupying the lands, the Revanth Reddy family also harassed land owners in the neighbourhood by removing boundary stones of adjascent plots, dismantling fencing and obstructing their entry into their own lands against which numerous cases were registered since 2014.

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