Restoring faith in humanity


When the whole world is talking about how humanity is at risk and there’s not much being done collectively – a picture of a little refugee girl has been gaining momentum on the internet.

It’s not just a picture of a cute little girl in a refugee camp, there is more to what she has shown the world. A Twitter user @humbledmedic, a few days ago shared a picture of a toddler in a white and pink dress, outside a refugee camp offering her food to someone. According to the caption, which read as, “A journalist came to take a picture and she offered him food, thinking he was hungry. The most beautiful picture of humanity for a refugee girl,” – though the journalist isn’t seen in the picture, it’s obvious that the little girl wanted to share her food to someone.

There is no explanation needed to tell how refugees in different parts of the world survive on limited food ration and what it means to share ones food during such a crisis. Her simple act has become an iconic moment telling people that there is hope for human beings yet.