20 reps a day keeps the fat away

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Struggling to fit into your old-time favourite jeans or crying over a chub rub? It’s not so cool to have chubby thighs, isn’t it? So, for convenience sake, if you want to tone those thighs, follow these exercises. As much as it’s important to control what you eat, exercise is necessary.

“Before workout, don’t forget to do basic whole body stretches,” says fitness consultant at 24/7 Fitness gym, Gachibowli, Mohammed Shafi Sami.

Cardio first
If you think you have fats that need to be burned first, include cardio equipment. This way, you not only work your thigh muscles but also burn the fat.

Do the wall squats
This exercise is a great way to tone your muscles. Place your back against the wall and in a sitting position with bent knees and legs apart. Try to stay in that position for a minute and keep repeating it for at least ten reps a day.

You can try doing lunges by putting some weight using dumbbell. “This exercise will burn fat as well as tone it. Do lunges for at least four sets 15 reps,” says Shafi Sami.

Leg lifts
Following this exercise will not only tone but strengthen your thighs. Make sure that the pressure is on the legs and on your abdomen. Also bring down the legs slowly and while lifting, maintain the 90-degree angle. Try to complete at least 20 reps a day.


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