Reminders to be a good driver


Traffic is that one place which brings the worse out of everyone. The swearing, screeching and honking! It’s just a nightmare. But, it is also the place where one has to be extremely vigilant, patient and considerate. Do not let your traffic rage curb the basic manners.

Here is a gentle reminder on how to mind our manners while squeezing our way in heavy traffic:


Do not show off your crazy driving skills on your colony roads, or narrow roads. Speeding is a huge risk and doing that in populous areas is absolutely unacceptable.


Stop honking as soon as the signal turns yellow. Traffic is chaotic enough and the unnecessary blaring is not helping the case. Yellow is not the colour for ‘go’!


Quit updating your Instagram stories while driving. Even a second’s distraction will cost you and those around you. Focus on the road; everything else can wait.


Yes, not everyone on the road follows rules and yes, they blame you for no reason. But try not to respond to the swearing as much as possible. Aggressive driving is what leads to most of the fatal vehicle crashes.


It is polite to let others merge in the traffic. If someone is trying to pull out into the traffic, let them do it. And when you are trying to merge, make sure you are on the right lane. Do not expect people to give you the way if you’re trying to merge to the left when you’re on the extreme right.


Despite being very careful, there will be times where you could lose control. And when you know it’s your mistake, take the responsibility. Do not argue on the roads trying to make your point.

Finally, do not be an environment hazard. Get your vehicle a PUC. Happy driving!