Recreation park rots as a dump yard


Sangareddy: Poor management of recreation park created by Telangana Tourism Department at Singuru multi-purpose project has transformed the well-built park into a dump yard.

Brimming with water, the multi-purpose project has been attracting a huge number of tourists since last September, when the crest gates were lifted for the first time owing to heavy rains upstream at river Manjira.

Even today, the irrigation project is having about 20TMCft water against its full capacity of 29.9TMCft, have been witnessing a huge number of tourists particularly during the weekends, but none of them would leave the project without expressing their disappointment over the lack of management of the park.

For unknown reasons, the well-built walls of the park on all the four sides collapsed, and the children’s play equipment, which were installed spending thousands of rupees, are broken. There is garbage everywhere in the park that is built on the left side of Singuru reservoir.

Since the visitors can also have the best view of the project sitting in the park, take selfies, photographs and also bathe in the river downstream, none of them misses the opportunity to visit the park. The footways laid in the park have been damaged entirely and weeds have grown all over the park to make the park look unattractive.

Speaking to Tabloid Today, K Chandana, a visitor who arrived from Hyderabad with her two children during the weekend, said that the park entirely become unplayable for children since people have been throwing broken beer and other liquor bottles all over the park. She has urged the Tourism Department to initiate necessary steps to restore the park. She has suggested that the Tourism Department can collect a nominal fee from the visitors to spend the money on the maintenance of the park.

Otherwise, the visitors have suggested the Irrigation Department or district administration to take over the park to provide best facilities for visitors coming to the park.


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