Raghu teases more action in sci-fi series


Actor-producer Raghu Ram promises thrice the action, emotion and drama in the third season of sci-fi thriller franchise A.I.SHA, which he has produced with his brother Rajiv Laxman for digital media platform Arre.

The franchise A.I.SHA, which stands for Artificial Intelligence Simulated Humanoid Assistant, was launched in 2016. It is set at the intersection of the real and virtual worlds, and explores an unusual relationship between artificial intelligence and humanity. It’s a boy meets girl tale, except the girl is an A.I. app.

While its first season told viewers the story of what happens when technology turns against humans, season 2 showcased the immense power of A.I. in terms of far-reaching global consequences. The third season will push the boundaries of imagination, as A.I.SHA transitions from intelligent technology to a sentient human being by acquiring human form and values.

Raghu, who plays a key role in the show, said, “Season 3 of A.I.SHA is going to be thrice the action, emotion and drama as the plot unfolds to reveal many twists and new characters. I’m excited about our cast line up and there’s going to be a lot to look forward to for our fans.”
It will play on the Arre platforms and the soon to be launched streaming app MX Player.