‘Raahgir celebrates empathy and humanity’


Raahgir is directed by multiple National Award-winning Bengali filmmaker Goutam Ghose and is based on noted Bengali author Prafulla Roy’s novel Borshay Ekdin (One Day In The Rain). The film talks about the victory of humanity over poverty and the struggle for survival.

“The movie deals with a story of India’s impoverished people who live in the forests and can hardly make ends meet. They have limited dreams and desires. Their biggest concern is trying to gather the day’s food. The film celebrates the fact that despite the daily struggle for survival, the elements of humanity are still alive in these people.

The film showcases how Indian reality differs in the cities and in a poor tribal village. It’s a beautiful story of humanity that is still alive among the poorest of the poor. It is a celebration of empathy, humanity despite a struggle for survival,” Adil Hussain said.

Adil plays a tribal man in the film, which is set in beautiful Jharkhand. Talking about his character, the National Award-winning actor shared: “I play an orphan, a tribal man who is all alone in this world. He is a vagabond and has learnt a lot from life’s experiences, but that could not snatch away his innocence.

He is trying hard to earn a living and wants to go to the city for a better income. He is a simple, happy-go-lucky kind of a person despite the conditions that he lives in. One day while travelling to the city with a tribal girl, he comes across a crisis which lands him in kind of a dharam sankat. He has to either choose humanity or selfishly think about himself. Which path he ultimately chooses makes the film a delight to watch.”

Adil is all praises for the film’s veteran director Goutam Ghose. The 85-minute-long Hindi film was shot last year. The film is expected to get a theatrical release around the end of the year. Apart from Adil Hussain, the film features Neeraj Kabi and Tillotama Shome.