Try those quirky jackets & jeans


Quirky jackets and jeans are quite a tricky combination to pull off. And during spring, this is one option that most young girls love to opt. This style has created a new fashion statement and is being flaunted by many.

Girls have replaced their boring tops with the jackets which are in trend now. Opting for these, they have found ways to fight the weather. So, if you are interested in making these a part of your wardrobe, read on.

Floral shirt dress and jeans
Floral patterns have always been a part of our wardrobe. And pairing them with jeans will add an edge to them. But one should be careful while picking the top — they should look for big prints as jeans are usually simple and plain. They can also go for some bold shades that go well with blue and black jeans.

Tent-like top with jeans
Tent-like dresses are really comfortable during summer. Opt for a flared top to look different. But always be careful with the length. It is advisable to go short length tent-tops as they look better with jeans. If you go for a longer outfit, the whole purpose of pairing it with jeans is defeated. And with these kinds of outfits, always prefer fabrics like georgette and chiffon.

Slip dress – light wash jeans
Slip dresses are more casual and easy to sport as you don’t need to break your head over what kind of pattern or design to go for. These are usually available in plains and one can choose them depending on their height. What makes the jeans stand out is the one colour combination. They are available in all shades so it becomes easier to pick.