Quality of ideas of Indian entrepreneurs and innovators exciting: Nadella

Quality of ideas of Indian entrepreneurs and innovators exciting: Nadella
File photo: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

New Delhi: The quality of ideas and ambition of entrepreneurs and innovators in India – many of whom are school kids – are “exciting” and driving innovation and growth for societies and economies, according to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Speaking at the Young Innovators Summit, the India-born executive also highlighted how empathy is also playing an important role in development of some of these new solutions, especially for the differently-abled people.

He talked about his meeting with children from three schools across the country, who are developing solutions to solve different challenges in the society.

One of these groups is developing a speech therapy solution, while another is working on a solution that measures pollution levels.

The third group is developing an AI-enabled chatbot to help children with school curriculum.”There was a group that I met who talked about how they want to change speech therapy…the level of empathy they work with. One of their teachers has a kid with speech issues and they said let’s build an AI tool that can substitute speech therapists because access to speech therapy and speech therapists is scarce,” he said.

He further said these group of students have deep passion and are turning that into action. “That’s what innovation is all about. That’s how societies and economies move forward,” Nadella said. Nadella is on a three-day visit to India.

He was in Mumbai and Bengaluru earlier this week. He is slated to meet government functionaries later on Wednesday.