Qazis in Telangana told to counsel couples before issuing Talaq


Hyderabad: Telangana State Wakf Board on Wednesday has asked Qazis to do proper counselling for Muslim husbands and wives, before endorsing Talaq and Khula.

In a consultation meeting of city Qazis, held on Wednesday at Wakf Board office, Haj House, its Chairman, Mohammed Saleem said that fees of Nikah had been fixed after several sessions of deliberations with the Qazis.

According to the fee structure, the bride’s family has to pay Rs 800 and groom has to pay Rs 1,200 to Qazis for performing the Nikah.

He also said that instead of Qazis, few private Muslim religious organisations were approving Khula and Talaq, which had to be investigated. We won’t issue Talaq and Khula certificates to them from the Wakf Board since they don’t have any official powers like appointed Qazis, Saleem added.

Moreover, Wakf Board members and Qazis discussed about the draft of proposed new Qazath Act of Telangana State. It was decided that new Act must be within the ambit of Islamic Sharia and Wakf Board would seek suggestion from the religious scholars in this regard.