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Psychology Today

Many consumers are using technology, especially videos, as a way to relax. There’s an entire universe of sound creation on YouTube designed to make you feel good. Sound a bit niche? It’s not. ASMR is the biggest trend you’ve never heard of.

Also known as brain massage, it’s triggered by placid sights and sounds such as whispers, accents, and much more. The blog shares the experience of ASMR in detail to give an individual a picture of what exactly it is.

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You may not have heard about ASMR, but type it into a search engine and you get more than million responses, many of them videos.

They are designed for relaxation and for many viewers, it can cause a distinctive and pleasurable tingling sensation in the head. For someone who’s unfamiliar with this phenomenon, WhisperRed is your stop.

There are literally information dedicated to ASMR and the community that follows this trend.