Probe into Araku MLA murder


Visakhapatnam: Police who were clueless in the murder of Araku MLA Kdari Sarveswara Rao and former MLA Siveri Soma by Maoists in the Visakhapatnam agency region last week, are now probing the role of the followers of the slain leaders in the incident.

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) is examining the call data of the mobiles belonging to the leader’s own partymen immediately before and after the muder, and took some of them into custody and interrogating them.

Though there could be many reasons like the Araku MLA who was allegedly not clean, dodging payments to the Maoists, there are also political reasons attributed to the killings.

When Sarveswara Rao won on YSR Congress Party ticket in 2014, the TDP opened the doors to new comers to strengthen the party and they began working under the guidance of Soma.
However, after Sarveswara Rao crossed the floor and joined the TDP and became Governent Whip, some others from YSRCP also joined the TDP much to the discomfiture of some seniors.