Practise these at a park


Park is a place most people like to unwind and prefer to chill, read a book, listen to some music or catch up with friends. While it’s cool for you to do any or all of the above, it’s equally important to ensure your entertainment doesn’t become a nuisance to others.

Keep it low
You might feel like listening to some music while you are in the park, which is absolutely fine. Unless you decide to entertain others too who might not really be interested. Use headphones while you are in the park. If you want to play it loud, ask the people around if it bothers them.

Puff it out or not
Although smoking in public places is banned in India, people rarely pay heed. Before you light that cigarette, make sure you are at an empty spot where it is allowed others — especially children — aren’t around. Dispose it off properly in a waste basket.


Pet peeves
Keep your pet leashed and close to you. Not everybody enjoys the company of animals. Do not let your pet pee or create ruckus and make sure you clean up after them.

Take care of kids
Kids are fun but not all the time. When you bring them to a public place like park, make them understand about the basic manners to be followed. Bring snack or organise activities that will keep them happy and engaged. Letting them run around or trouble other kids in the park while you chat(ter) away on phone isn’t really okay.

Clean up
Be it a party or just a hang out, be sure to clean up the place before you leave, especially wrappers, bottles or leftover food. A park belongs to the public and it is our collective responsibility to keep it clean and usable.


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