Pointers from a canine whisperer


Being around dogs and the fact that humans could communicate with dogs fascinates Chandra Sekhar at another level. He turned this fascination that was sparked when he was just a teenager into a lucrative 12-year (and counting) career. He is now a professional dog trainer and behaviourist, who, along with his wife Priyanka, runs two institutions – ‘Progressive Canines’ and ‘Progressive Dog Training and Boarding School’. This proud parent of award-winning dog Czar, shares some of knowledge with SundayScape.

Here is the much-needed knowledge transfer from Chandra Sekhar in his own words:

The inception

I am born into an orthodox Telugu Brahmin family and doing something unconventional like this was obviously frowned upon. I had to move out of my house when I was 20 years old to pursue my passion. However, I never planned to choose this career; it only happened when I met dogs. The concept of communicating with dogs has truly fascinated me and that’s how it all started. I never saw myself as a dog breeder, either. So, here I am – as a trainer and behaviourist.

Trainer vs behaviourist

Trainer and behaviourist are both similar yet different things. This is a common question and I understand the confusion. So, this is how it works – a trainer is somebody who teaches commands to the dogs whereas a behaviourist is a person who deals with behavioural issues like barking, aggressiveness, and biting in your pets – not entirely different but serve different purposes.

Dealing with diversity

As professional trainers, we come across various kinds of dogs on a daily basis and understand how to deal with them. But, what we try to do is very basic. All we have to do as caretakers is to understand our dogs. Just like humans, not all dogs can be treated in the same way; each dog requires a unique approach. While some dogs can be worked upon by rewarding them with favourite food, for others, the play time works wonders. There are no standard guidelines when it comes to dealing with pets; we just have to get our basics right.

Dos and don’ts

When you get a dog home, it is important to ensure that his/her life is fun, exciting, and satisfying. This could happen only if – one, you have enough time to spend with your dog, and, two, you educate your dog. Just like us, dogs need certain knowledge to get on in their life. And, more importantly, the rule of thumb is to never be aggressive or rude to your dog at any cost. They don’t deserve to go through that trauma.