Play with natural pastel tone that will add lightness in your home

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A clear blue sky, brighter days and sunshine are perfect ingredients for happy mind and a happy home. And just like your wardrobe, your home also needs a seasonal change, which not only reflects your personality and style, but also the latest trend.

Ashwini Vaidya Gupte, head of design, Welspun India lists some ideas on how one can add indo and pastel to their abode.

* Walls: Painting your walls in soothing pastel shades like mint, dusty pink or beige is a great way to introduce some change. A well-done, accent wall for the living room or bedroom can be a head turner and experimenting with wallpapers/murals or a contrasting shade can do the trick! In places of extreme heat, soothing pastel blues, lilacs and greens will bring a cooling effect in the home.

* Bed sheet: Breathable materials like cotton and linen keep the room cool and you, comfortable. And no one can go wrong with floral and light colour sheets. Instead of heavy quilts and comforter, light weight colourful dohars are popular in summers.

* Curtains: For your living room, go sheer with the curtains to let in some cool breeze and natural light into your home, whereas for your bedroom take a break from traditional patterns and simple blinds by investing in chic looking textured drapes in a variety of opaque hues to match your decor scheme. With an extra-wide curtain, you can sweep it to the side during the day to embrace the asymmetry.

*Natural material: A combination of sheer and opaque also work to keep out the scorching afternoon sun in places that experience extreme temperatures. Khus curtains are also popular and you can spray them with scented water to add a cooling and fragrant effect to the room.

* Cushions: Nothing adds charm to a room faster than cushions. Go for lace or crochet cushions with pastel-toned walls. You can also opt for bold colour cushions with geometric or abstract patterns. Some plain cushions enhanced with bobbles and tassles also add an element of fun to a room. A mix and match of coloured patterns also create a personality for the bedroom giving it a bohemian feel.