Photo exhibition ‘Keeping Faith’ portrays how religion is a way of life


Titled ‘Keeping Faith’, this exhibition takes the viewers through a journey of rituals, traditions and cultures of various religions. Currently open for public view at Birla Science Museum, this is a place where one gets to see how people try to keep up with their faith, on the soil of the United States.

The United States has always been a safe haven for immigrants and people across the globe have been crossing the border to settle there, for ages. Through these pictures one can understand that nothing has changed for them; every ritual still has the same significance and importance in their life.

Under this single roof, there are pictures that refer to things related to Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Zorastrianism. Every picture that is a part of this exhibition gives you an insight on a specific religion. There are various aspects of these religions that are dealt with through this exhibition — like the wedding ceremonies, prayer style, festivals and many others.

exhibitionEvery frame has captured the true essence of their lifestyle. Be it any ritual or a tradition, it has a story and significance behind it. When you walk past the gallery, you cannot stop noticing how certain aspects have the same importance in all the religions.

This exhibition is divided into different sections to give an understanding to the viewers. Every section has something related to all the faiths. It also shows that religion or faith is a way of life that people have adopted some centuries ago. Every religion or faith has surely evolved over the years, but certain things still remain the same. It is the crux of a faith that one should believe in and this exhibition is one of the finest examples of that concept.

If you are truly interested in understanding various faiths, then do drop by before September 16 to get a glimpse of these beautiful stories.