Philosophy for the soul


We are all intrigued to explore the most common questions plaguing the human mind, only to discover more with each passing day. Maybe Socrates was right. He said, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” Be it when you’re having an existential crisis and want to keep your mind engaged; or you just want to broaden your knowledge on philosophy, here is some content to solve your puzzles.

The School Of Life

soulTotally focusing on educating one outside of the books, this YouTube channel answers all the simple-yet-complex questions in life. The channel talks about the one area that education leaves untouched, for us to figure it out ourselves. How do we deal with ageing and illness? What do we need money for? Why does everything lead to anxiety? This platform offers help, for one to understand their own self better, for them to have an emotional growth alongside education.

Philosophy Tube

soulOlly, a British philosopher (or so he calls himself), takes us on a trip to engage in philosophy connecting our worlds to it, rather than listening to famous philosophers and feeling smarter, not experienced. The YouTuber shares his revelations in life, so his followers can feel challenged to learn what he learnt, bringing in everyday elements like politics, social justice or economics.

Wireless Philosophy

soulThis channel has a traditional take on philosophy, with the content coming in from professors from prestigious institutions like Yale, Stanford, Oxford and MIT teaching a layman about the basics of philosophy. Wireless Philosophy would make a great choice for the academics who want to learn it the authentic way.

Gregory B. Sadler

For those are pursuing degrees in philosophy and psychology, this man is the one for you. Gregory Sadler is a household name for core concepts of philosophy, bringing the subject into practice for learners. Despite being a public speaker and a counsellor, this philosophy legend is keen to provide classroom content for aspiring minds full of questions.

Bite-sized philosophy

soulWhen we are running short of time but want a dose of Jordan Peterson, this channel is the best bet. The videos range anywhere between five minutes to a 20-minute clip that has the speaker explaining why the human being is built for struggle, suicide and self-blame and what progress means, in his videos.