Perfect season to flaunt those attractive sandals

attractive sandals

It’s the perfect season to walk out wearing your favourite sandals to basically anywhere you want to. From runways to street style fashion, these sandals have been doing the rounds with every fashionistas claiming them to be a summer staple.

Anything woven

Just like the woven bags, sandals have also started to incorporate this chic trend. Upping the bohemian style, woven sandals are comfy, versatile and come in different designs like in mules, sliders and lace-up sandals.


Talking about lace-up, this fashion has been in for quite some time now. Last summer, it was all about going bold with the colours, heavy embellishments like pom-poms and tassels. But, this time you can shake all of that off and go for the simple ones.

The glorious pastels

Shop for any sandals that are coated with pastel colours and you will be set on the right track. For most of us our feet are not the most complimented part of the body, but tables will turn when you walk in pastel.

Toe-thong sandals

Along with the toe-post sandals, even toe-thong leather sandals are making it big this time. Toe-thong sandals are edgy and create that laid back look perfect for the weather. The only thing you have to be mindful about while wearing them is not to clip your big toe too tightly.