For the perfect monsoon wedding

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A lot of people love the thought of getting married during monsoon, but there are some things one has to abide by to make it a perfect affair.

Kunal Rai, vice-president of weddings and events at Tamarind Global, and Saloni Sanghvi, event specialist at Entertainment Bay, list the dos and don’ts one should follow.

Things one should do

* First and foremost, keep the wedding indoors. Book a hotel, hall or palace — as your budget permits — but there must be a solid roof over the head of your wedding guests.

* Treat the season as a blessing, and plan a rain dance party as a pre-wedding event.

* The wedding outfit can also be matched with the theme of the season, where one can opt for colours like peach, subtle gold and hues of pink.

* Accessorise the wedding favours with umbrellas, cute raincoats and other rain-wear gear like flip flops.

* Keep a balanced approach towards the number of hot and cold beverages.

Things one should not do

* Monsoon is a bad time to wear makeup. Even waterproof makeup needs constant touch ups. However, one can always bet on high quality water-proof makeup to last longer and make less of a mess.

* Avoid heels and stilettos. Instead, opt for wedgies and even good old-fashioned jutties to go with your clothes.

* Unless you wish for the hem of your dresses to be lined with brown/black grime, do not opt for floor length gowns, suits, anarkalis and designer dresses.

* What is a wedding without flowers? Flowers tend to wither quickly in the humid weather, so one should avoid flower-based decorations. Instead, go for lightweight parachute-material decorations such as drapes and gazebos. Even artificial flowers can be a great option.