Payments made easy with these apps

Payment online

With new payment options, e-commerce has picked up even more. From groceries to luxury fashion brands, nowadays, everything has a online presence. As technology develops by the day, sellers are still trying to make the whole shopping experience more customer-friendly. As opposed to a few years back, when payment for online shopping was only possible with credit cards, new-age apps and websites offer a range of options now. Check out some of them which make shopping a true pleasure:

· LazyPay – Buy now and pay later, we aren’t talking about credit cards, the new app called LazyPay provides interest-free credit, which is accepted by many online merchants. · PayZapp

– All that the store or the seller has to do is send a link, which when opened, asks you to enter the details for making the payment. The final amount is already preset so there is fear of wrong payment amount. This facility from HDFC bank led many banks to come up with their own payment solutions.

Card on delivery – You think you might have the exact cash but then suddenly realise that you don’t. Fear not! Most of the online shopping sites and apps support card on delivery, which comes as a relief to those who hate going to the ATMs.· Paytm – A revolutionary payment method that gained popularity during demonetisation and became the precursor for cash-free transactions.

App wallets & credits – Every app and website have their own credits or points which can be redeemed for purchase. MakeMyTrip’s wallet money can be used directly while booking flights or hotels. Zomato credits can be subtracted from the total cost of meal.