Pawsome doggie birthday party ideas

Have a doggie birthday

Most people consider their pet dog as a member of their family and just like with the rest of our family, your dog’s birthday is also very special. While celebrating your dog’s birthday has become the trend of the day, most people look at it as an opportunity to honour and celebrate their pet’s special day. If your dog’s birthday is fast approaching, here is a list of things you can consider to make the day memorable, both for your dog and you.

Long walks

Kick-start the day with an extra-long walk. You can either go to your dog’s favourite place or surprise him by taking him to a new place and let him explore it to his heart’s content.

Special attention

Have a doggie birthday

It would be ideal, if you manage your schedule in such a way that you can spend the entire day with your dog. Shower him with extra love and affection, play with him, you can also buy him a few new toys and clothes. Investing in an hour of spa and grooming experience for your pet isn’t a bad idea either.

Game day

Have a doggie birthday

Turn the day into a game day. You can create an obstacle course and watch him run across it to reach the rewards. You can also gift him a few food dispensing toys, which is a ball with holes on it and treats inside. The ball rewards your dog with treats every time he plays with it.

Host a party

Have a doggie birthday

Invite your dog’s squad and host a birthday party for your dog. Bake some dog-friendly treats for all his friends and of course, a birthday cake! You can also set up a play date by inviting your dog’s best friends over for some play time. You can make the party slightly more interesting by setting up a photo booth for your dog and his friends. Arrange for some funky props like hats, glasses, sparkly vests, etc and capture their picture-perfect poses.

Movie night

Change into your pyjamas, sit down with your dog by your side, and pick a film your dog enjoys the most, and you are all set for your movie night. Let him snuggle up to you, and sign off with spending some quality time together.

Probable games you can try


•Hide and seek

•Find the treats

•Tug of war

•Water games

•Chasing bubbles