‘Panchamurtha abhisekam’ to KCR’s portrait

Telangana Bestha Seva Sangam members conducting panchamurtha abhisekam to the portrait of the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao at Clock Tower Centre in Nalgonda on Wednesday.

Nalgonda: The members of Telangana Bestha Seva Sangam on Wednesday conducted abhisekham to the Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao’s (KCR) portrait with panchamrutham after he made it clear that people of Bestha community have the right to on fish from the tanks. 

The Sangam members also distributed the sweets thanking KCR’s gesture towards the community.  Speaking on the occasion, the Sangan State general secretary Gundu Venkateshwarlu reminded that the people of Bestha community have been eking livelihood from fish hunting as it’s their caste based profession. He pointed out that there were approximately 20 lakh families in the Telangana State and majority of them were dependent on the fish hunting.

Reminding that almost all tanks were restored under Mission Kakatiya, he said that majority of the tanks have received full level of water due to the repairing of feeder channels. Fish seeds have been released in the tanks by the government authorities following the directions from the Chief Minister. This would benefit the people of Bestha community by providing livelihood to them.

During Assembly sessions, the Chief Minister had said that the Bestha community would have utmost rights on fish hunting in the tanks. Referring to this statement, Venkateshwarlu thanked KCR the very helpful gesture.

The Sangam State vice-president Y Yadagiri, district president L Venkataiah and others also attended the programme.


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