Pakka Hyderabadi YouTubers

Hyderabadi youtubers
The Baigan Vines team. Photo: By Arrangement

From humble beginnings to becoming the YouTube ambassadors of Hyderabad, channels like The Baigan Vines, Hyderabad Diaries and Kantri Guyz are gaining momentum. In fact, they have boarded the train of success and stardom, which radiates promising future.

What seem common about these Hyderabadi YouTube channels is that they are coated with humour along with social and political awareness. Most of these members are in their 20s and are college-goers.

The Baigan Vines was born on 2015 and has 30 million views on YouTube. It is only fair to say that Baigan Vines have topped the chart and is in full swing to add more feathers to their hat. The eldest among the lot, Mohammed Bin Ishaq says that they started off with Hyderabadi comedy but their popularity has grown to the rest of India. When asked about their social responsibility he says, “Our content is thought provoking and our aim is to make people laugh”. The group was also approached by the Telangana Tourism to collaborate for their campaign ‘Save Girl Child’. Baigan Vines will soon launch their own website and mobile app in a way to provide more platforms to connect.

Joining along is the Kantri Guyz, who are specially known for their parodies like Rowdies (Roadies) and Chai with Charpate (Koffee with Karan). The creator of the channel, Syed Viquar Mohiuddin says, “What we do is out of passion and we do not do it for money. It’s all about hard work, creativity and channelising our energy to deliver a good product.” To their credits, they have been awarded as the ‘YouTube NextUp’ and ‘YouTube Ambassadors’ last year.

While all the groups agree that the journey has been an overwhelming experience, they have all faced the wrath of the critics. But, they are confident about their products and are mindful about people’s sentiments. They are definitely here to stay, so let’s continue to support them while they keep us entertained.


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