On fleek with chained eyewear

On fleek with chained eyewear

Eyewear with a dangling chain is usually associated with grandmas who tend to misplace this important accessory frequently. But, trust Instagram to take it and turn it around into a whole new trendy accessory to own. Sunglasses with chains made a big comeback in 2017 and have continued to rock their way this year as well. Fashionistas are now experimenting with these chains on differently shaped eyewear and showing them off with elan on social media. The chains are also getting pretty stylish as the year passes. Now you have fashion houses like Chanel, Chloe, and sites like Etsy, FarFetch full of funky chains which can be looped around the stems of the sunnies easily.

Whether it’s a classic gold chain, pearls, chunky balls, barbwire, and thick braided gold chain with rhinestones, there is plenty to choose from. Some companies are even coming out with a single charm dangling on the chain which can be customised according to the client’s wishes.

On fleek with chained eyewearOnly when picking this dainty add-on, see that the chain is complementary to the kind of sunglasses you have on. A bulky sunglass can be paired with a medium-sized chain to balance out the thickness of the frame, while a thin stemmed sunnies can be teamed with a sleek chain that is barely there. The idea is to keep it stylish and not have a grandma vibe. It may be tempting to go for outlandish designs, inspired by Instagram, but, it’s best not to give into that, as it could make you look clownish. Certainly not the look you are going for. So those expensive sunnies won’t get scratched or sat on now. And, once you are over the trend, you can always reuse those chains as necklaces and no one will be the wiser.