On a bulk shopping spree

bulk shopping

Shopping is something that is highly necessary and also fun. For many, it also has a place in their ‘ways to de-stress’ list. Irrespective of the nature and purpose of the activity, it is an easy distraction from the humdrum routine of daily life. You might need to stock up on your food stash or prepare for next semester or shop for an upcoming event and at times like these, shopping in bulk is always a plus. If you haven’t tried it already, here is a list of perks that might push you to do so

Common list

While going in a group, preparing a common list will not only give you a clear picture on what you need but also enables you to finish it faster.

Budget friendly

bulk shopping

Suppose you are shopping for a hand wash, instead of buying 2-3 different ones, you can take turns buying it and share the one you currently have.

Comfort travel

If you are all going to the same place, hire a cab and ride comfortably by splitting the fare so the expense of the trip doesn’t fall on one person.

Opinion matters

Another advantage of shopping with group of friends is that you can get multiple perspectives on an outfit you wish to buy.

Bonding time

bulk shopping

When away from home, friends become like an extended family. Although everyone is busy in their own jobs or classes, a shopping spree will give you a chance to bond leisurely.