Olly Alexander on why his band Years & Years split

Source: Instagram

London: Singer Olly Alexander, who was part of the band Years & Years with Mikey Goldsworthy and Emre Turkmen, says he knew they would eventually split. He says the music they were creating was no longer compatible. However, he adds that they were still on good terms with each other.

“We’ve had the most incredible time but we changed so much in that time. As human beings our lives had changed and the way we made music changed,” Alexander said in an interview with BBC Radio 2, according to a report in contactmusic.com.

He added: “When we announced that it was just going to be me moving forward that was kind of a long time coming for us and nothing bad had happened, there was no drama or anything, but as people we just decided to do our things, really, and that was it.”

The band had put out a statement in March announcing their split.