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Hyderabad: It is evident that the impact of Covid-19 is way beyond the people who are infected by the Coronavirus. The unprecedented lockdown has created severe chaos in the lives of individuals. A 19-Year-old boy from Hyderabad met with an accident and fractured his hip. He couldn’t get timely treatment because the spread of Coronavirus was at its peak. Four months after the accident, he was brought to Olive Hospitals. Subsequent to the investigations, it was noticed that the patient sustained Intracapsular fracture.

Our hip is a ball and socket joint where the upper leg meets pelvis. At the top of femur (which is the thigh bone) is the femoral head. This is the ‘ball’ that sits in the socket. Just below the femoral head is the femoral neck. Femoral neck fractures are intracapsular fractures. The capsule is the area that contains the fluid that lubricates and nourishes the hip joint. A femoral neck fracture can tear the blood vessels and cut-off the blood supply to the femoral head. If the blood supply to the femoral head is lost, the bone tissue will die, leading to the eventual collapse of the bone. It is one of the most critical fractures known for non-union. Even if treated on-time, Intracapsular fracture doesn’t get recover easily.

It was indeed one of the most challenging cases successfully operated by
Dr Khaleelullah, MS (Ortho) (NIMS), MCh (Ortho), Senior Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon, Olive Hospitals. After contemplating various approaches and procedures, Dr Khaleelullah performed Debridement, Cancellous Screw Fixation and Fibular Graft. In this procedure, a section of fibular bone with attached artery and veins is harvested and transferred to the femoral head, which has been cored out to remove necrotic bone. The vessels in the fibula graft are then microsurgically anastamosed to donor vessels at the hip. The patient is fully recovered and is now able to walk freely and steadily.

Olive Hospitals has been consistently striving to ensure that every patient undergoes treatment of the finest quality. Olive is striding ahead to become one of the leading healthcare providers delivering exceptional care and contribute towards national health.

(The author is a Senior Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon at Olive Hospitals)

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