Hyderabad: Officials told to complete Land Regularisation Scheme process by October 15


Hyderabad: The exercise of field level inspection for all applications pertaining to Land Regularisation Scheme (LRS) should be completed by October 15, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) Commissioner B Janardhan Reddy directed the officials on Thursday.

At a meeting held to review the status of the LRS applications, Reddy said a total of 85,337 applications were received in the civic body jurisdiction of which inspection for 9,542 was to be still carried out. Of the total received, 13,335 applications were rejected in the preliminary stages for non-payment of the fee of Rs 10,000.

Applications under the scheme were also received for Shikam lands and those falling in full tank levels, government lands and nalas and 3,675 such ones were straightaway rejected, he said. For those which were cleared during inspections, additional documents were sought from 39,024 applicants of which 5,619 have already submitted them. So far, 10,661 LRS applications were given approval, Commissioner added.